Friday, July 27, 2012

Tool #3 Online Video and Images

I found that out of schooltube and teachertube school tube videos seemed to be more informative of how to simply solve a problem, while on teacher tube there were more options as to videos to use as hooks in a lesson. One video I saw that could be used to hook students on integers is embedded below.

I also founsd this video that would be more useful as a reteach station or a chance to see another teachers perspective on sequences. I would probably upload this video to the students edmodo account.

I love that I now know how to filter google search for images that may be reused! I never realized that option was there and am excited to use it!

I have been using dropbox with my partner to collaborate and share things for the past year. It is amazing!!! I love being able to just save school stuff in a spot where both of us can reach it at any time rather than emailing files back and forth!

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